Children & Youth

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Children and Youth Programming

Children and their Christian development is a major consideration in our worship and programming at Trinity. Children, in particular those aged 3-11 years, are remarkably open and sensitive to the spiritual dimension of life. They hear meaning that is hidden in stories and symbols. They have deep questions about life and death. Church school provides an opportunity for children to experience the wonder of the stories of faith, to be awed by the splendour and majesty of God and absorb the church’s most valuable message – that we are precious in God’s sight, that we are not alone, that God is with us.

Programmes for Children:

Nursery: Trinity offers a variety of exciting programmes for children

Sunday School: A regular Sunday School is offered Sunday mornings during worship time.  Bible stories are learned through our story sand-box and children make crafts; play games and perform skits and songs relevant to the weekly lesson being discussed in church.