Outreach & Justice

Pastoral Care

The Pastoral Care Committee along with the pastoral care visitor and the minister, identify and address issues for any of our church family who are in need of pastoral support. We meet monthly to assess the ever changing needs of those on our pastoral care list and to plan events for the whole congregation. Contact person for this committee is Phyllis Dowd (chair).

The Outreach and Social Action Committee has a number of initiatives with which we are involved on an on going basis.

m&s-1Each year, Trinity United commits to supporting the Mission and Service Fund of the United Church of Canada. In 2009 we contributed $34,706 to the fund, of which $2,400. was contributed by the UCW. The monies are used for a wide range of initiatives in Canada and around the world, ranging from supporting struggling congregations, overseas personnel, HIV/AIDS, food and education. Most of the resources are used in conjunction with other churches and organizations which are already established in countries of need. For many years Trinity has been the biggest contributor, per donor, in all of the Niagara Presbytery.

For the 14 years we have had a partnership with Larry and Marg Dyck of Campden in a Canadian Food Grains growing project. Together with Smithville United and Silver Spire United in St. Catharines we plant 11-1/2 acres of land. The Government of Canada matches our earnings on the crop by a ration of 4 – 1. Together with those matching funds, our own contribution for 2009 generated $18,824.25. Over the 14 years of involvement we have been involved in raising over $500,000.


Wesley Urban Ministries is a United Church sponsored, outreach ministeries to the disadvantaged in the core of Hamilton. They provide a wide range of services starting with pre-school children, before and after school programs, youth drop in centre, counselling, affordable housing, providing meals, to those in poverty, seniors programs, and various cultural based services. Part of their services include the provision of housing and support for people struggling with additions. Each year between 12 and 18 volunteers from Trinity provide and serve a full meal to approximately 200 people around the Easter period. During the week preceding Christmas a similar number of Trinity people choose one day when they “staff” the Christmas store. The Christmas store provides the clients the opportunity to select food and gifts they require for the holiday.

Community Care of West Niagara is contacted each month to learn what the greatest needs are at that particular time. An appeal is then made to our congregation to provide the specific items they request. Trinity volunteers also assist with the Lion’s Club annual food drive for Community Care.

Out of the Cold

Volunteers from Trinity provide care for the homeless 3 – 4 times during the winter looking after those who sleep at Queen Street Baptist Church in St. Catharines, providing food and bedding. We cover the 7:00 pm to 7:00 am period.

Loaf of Bread

During the months of January, February and March, volunteers from Trinity provide and serve a dinner to people in need in Beamsville and surrounding area. This is done in conjunction with other churches in the community.

Special Gifts

Trinity is fortunate to have had a number of bequests of funds made to the church over the years which allow us to make financial contributions to address a number of difficult circumstances in which people locally and abroad find themselves as well as support for organizations in our area. They vary from year to year but have included:

  • FORT and RAFT – youth drop in services in Grimsby and St. Catharines
  • Earthquake in Haiti
  • Flood victims in Pakistan
  • Local needs for people who have experienced loss due to fire, etc
  • Poco a Poco – micro loans to people in South America
  • Second Stage Housing

Social Justice Group

For many years the Social Justice group has put their energies into advocating for and promoting various causes and issues ranging from early years programs, foreign aid, help to those living in poverty, etc. In 2009 the group decided to become proactive. As a result they have formed a board of directors, which includes members of the broader community, under the name the “Lincoln Association for Affordable Housing”. Their objective is to provide affordable housing for the 250 applications currently on file with the region for our area. As of today, they have achieved incorporation and are in the process of applying for charitable status.


In addition to the work listed above, we also make financial contributions to a number of organizations.

  • FORT and RAFT – youth drop in services in Grimsby and St. Catharines
  • Respite program for children from Belarus
  • Sudan de-mining
  • Second Stage Housing