Faith Formation

Sunday worship at Trinity takes place in our newly renovated, fully acessible, air conditioned sanctuary. We begin at 10:30 am. There is a parking lot behind the church, (entrance off King St.) additional parking is available in several parking lots near the church. A nursery is available for infants and children up to three years of age. Our church school offers programming for children and teens ages four and up.


Other worship at Trinity takes place throughout the week whenever we gather – whether it be around a board room table, hospital bed, grave side, dining room table, wedding celebration or camp ground. We meet, we work, we play in gratitude for God’s great gifts, in assurance of God’s love and in hope of God’s continuing presence in the changing seasons of our lives.

Worship at Trinity is planned by the minister, the music director and the Faith Formation Committee. We recognize that both children and adults come to worship services with different backgrounds, different music preferences, different life experiences, different philosophies and theologies. To meet the differing and changing needs of the gathered community we vary our services and music. Sometimes our services are contemplative – our words and music directed inwardly to nourish our souls. Sometimes they are lively and vibrant as we celebrate the many blessings of God. Still other times they are informative as we consider the pain of the world and seek ways to do justice and bring kindness into hurting communities. Children are always included in worship services.