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Trinity United Church Beamsville has a governing body – Church Council – that is answerable to the congregation, Niagara Presbytery and the United Church of Canada.

Council meets in the Common Room on the third Thursday of each month (except July and August) at 7pm.  Members of the congregation are welcome to attend.


As of this year’s Annual General Meeting, the Church Council consists of the following people:

Council Executive:

Chair Larry Moore

Vice-Chair Irene Romagnoli

Past-Chair Bruce McLennan

Secretary Donna Burton

Finance, Co-Chair Owen Romagnoli

Finance, Co-Chair Marilyn Snedden

Committee Representatives:

Church Use tbc

Communications Irene Romagnoli

Faith Formation Armand Romagnoli

Ministry & Personnel Virginia Stranaghan

Outreach & Social Justice Pat Zulik

Pastoral Care Phyllis Dowd

Property Ralph Baughman

Stewardship (GPS) Clark Bucknall

Trustees John Bowman & Donna Burton

Niagara Presbytery Rep: Bruce McLennan