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From the 2017 Annual General Meeting Report

Dear Friends,

There was a time when writing an annual report submission was a moderate source of worry.  I guess I had the notion that my words were somehow supposed to capture everything in ways that spoke to everyone, and all in some witty and winsome way.  I don’t think any of the above is possible, at least not the full capture and full expression.  Needless to say, I’m grateful for that realization, even if it came slowly.

On the other side of worry, I’m aware that my false notion faded away with the transformative work of experience, but even more importantly with the power of trust.   The longer I am here, the more we grow in relationship and shared story.  The more we realize that God is already doing wonderful, life-changing things through us and in us, the more we are free, collectively, to trust that it isn’t all left up to any of us as individuals.  We are in this, together, for the long haul, even as daily moments redefine us and release us.

What a blessing, what a gift to know that our ministry is a community endeavour.  The power of community is so much more than billboard jargon.  It is at the heart of the Gospel, where God’s Love speaks, works, and moves with the extraordinary reminder that God has always intended us to journey in companionship.   Jesus’ invitation to follow, at the Sea of Galilee and here again at the edge of Lake Ontario, is offered with the promise that we are following One who calls us as a collective.

This is the story that is told in these pages – by me, by you, by all of us.  This is God’s story, unfolding here at Trinity Beamsville, even as we capture some of what has been for this moment in time.  Connecting, sharing, and growing, all over again, we are answering this sacred call, and watching it happen in ordinary, and still extraordinary ways.  Thanks be to God for these wonder-full days – and abundant thanks to you, the people of Trinity, Beamsville, for travelling this Way together.


With love,


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