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Welcome to Trinity United Church Beamsville

We welcome you to our community, our congregation, our home.  We hope you have a chance through our website to get to know us better… here are a few pieces of information that might assist you…

Our Mission/ Vision Statement:

The congregations and staff of Trinity United Church Beamsville seeks to be the embodiment of the teaching and vision of Jesus with the wider community of Beamsville connecting, inspiring and growing together.

In our desire to follow the teachings of Jesus, we will strive to create a loving, serving and generous community. We will work to provide a safe, nurturing environment and actively support the life experiences of all people, empowering one another on our spiritual journey. We intentionally welcome all people. Persons of any age, colour, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, intellectual and physical ability, family configuration, social or economic circumstance or mental health. All are invited to take part in every aspect of church life including membership, leadership, events, celebrating life passages and marriage. We will work and live together on our continuing journey toward a safe and just community.

We have a good listed lot off of King Street, which is up and behind the church.  There are permitted accessible parking spots and a sidewalk leading to the Church front and back doors.  Please enter by the front door… it is on the William Street side, white, glassed entranceway.

There is also some street parking and in non-school hours, you can park (at your own risk) on the school grounds across from the church on William Street.

We have a simple elevator that goes from our main level to the lower level.  It can easily be operated or assistance is available.

Our main and lower levels have accessible washrooms and we have a family washroom on the main level.

Hearing Devices:
We have an FM hearing assistive program, with a single earphone and receiver device available at the entranceway to the sanctuary.  Please ask the usher for assistance.

In the Sanctuary we have two large screens upon which we show information before service and during the service we present a PowerPoint version of our Order of Service, complete with lyrics for hymns.

In the narthex and in Jory Hall we have information screens that share information and news of events etc. that are happening at Trinity Beamsville.  These screens can be utilized for private functions.

Our pews hold our hymnals…  “Voices” and “More Voices”.  We also have in each pew at least one copy of Classics Devotional Bible.  Please feel free to sit quietly and read or sing loudly during the hymns!

The Sanctuary at Trinity Beamsville is warm with its wooden pews and Chancery.  A high vaulted ceiling naturally amplifies the music from our pipe organ, electric keyboard and piano, along with lifting up the voices of the choir and the congregation.

We have removed a few rows of pew to give access to wheelchairs near the front on both sides of the aisle and along the back on the left side.  Chairs are available if pews are not an option for you.  We have some chairs in the entranceway for anyone who wants to sit back from the crown, for parents needing to take a break…

Refreshments and Fellowship:
Coffee, tea and juice are served before, during and after the service.  You are welcome to take your drink into the sanctuary with you and you are very welcome to come down to Jory Hall after the service to have more refreshments and a snack… unless we are having a soup lunch or some other great celebration that has to involve food!


We hope this information has been helpful, please feel free to call us (905.563.4943) or email us info@trinitybeamsville if you have any other questions or comments.


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