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“Not the Sermon” Message

This Week at Trinity, Beamsville

Friday, March 15, 2018

Dear Friends,

At our Wednesday @ 1 bible study this week we were going over the text I will be preaching about on Sunday. It was a really interesting discussion that touched on plants, capitalism, and the apocalypse, which are three things that I feel very distinctly about in very different ways. But one of the questions that came up was how to decide what role God plays in a particular story, and what it means when you interpret the same story in different ways. Of course, I think what it really calls attention to is the deep nature of Scripture and the complexity of what we do today in continuing to read it in our time. But maybe it is hard sometimes to make the leap from the distant, biblical past to the modern day, where things are a lot different and change incredibly rapidly. There are stories of planes being grounded for technical issues, old diseases reemerging with increasing coverage, and the kind of political issues that seem almost commonplace nowadays. The scriptures don’t tell us how to deal with these things very directly. Though it contains some statements about human nature and the nature of God that do not seem to change, not once does Jesus mention cyber security and maybe that would be helpful right now. We can keep going at it, though, because humanity has produced so many people who have shone light on the ways to use teachings of the past for new purposes. But more than that, we all have the ability to be discerning witnesses to how the Bible and God speak directly to us. We may not all agree, and we may not all feel like we always have the words to fully describe our ideas, but my hope is that even if those feelings and ideas are not expressed outwardly, that you can hold on to the moments in which you feels as though you are experiencing a moment with God. Especially because we are moving through Lent right now, a time of focusing on what our relationship is with God and Christ, I hope that there are several times the next weeks where you have a moment to think about your own faith. It may or may not be through Scripture. God exists in many places, and gets in through a lot of windows. With love, Scott

“ VI. A flock of pigeons gets in and roosts on her so she / is made of birds.” (Joelle Barron, “Eighteen Anamneses”)

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