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“Not the Sermon” Message

This Week at Trinity, Beamsville

Friday, August 9, 2019

Dear Friends,

            This week brought another sacred time of honouring a life within our congregation.  It also has and will mark memorial services for two more of our Trinity families who are grieving beloved parents, in communities near and far.  None of that makes for an easy weight on the heart.  It is an unavoidable reminder of how our lives are constantly changing.  So, too is our church family.  It is a beautiful, sometimes painful cycle of life, death, and life beyond death that affects us all, ready or not. 

In the midst of the somber, there has also been joy.  Perhaps most poignantly, just 4 days before her father’s death on Monday, Marie and Steve McNiven welcomed their newest granddaughter to the world.  While this precious new baby won’t have her own lived memories of her great-grandfather, she will be surrounded forever with family stories and connections to this sacred week they’ve shared.   

There can be so much that happens in the span of a single week, sometimes it’s easy to lose track of when one melts into another.  I find that more and more in my recounting of even short term history.  “Last week…”, I begin, then pause; “…or maybe the one before?  I’m not sure.  But let’s say recently…”  Let’s say that time moves with a rhythm that calendars cannot contain; that there is a grander sweep and sway of life moments than we can appreciate properly when we’re in the midst of them.

I think that’s part of why I love our current summer worship series.  It is precious time to dip back in time; to hear from voices across our church family, as they offer wisdom and perspective that can only come with intentional reflection and faithful introspection.  While each Sunday is different, necessarily, drawing on a different Biblical character too often overlooked; and while each response is different, necessarily, from the men and women who step into the lectern to share; there is inevitably a common humility and courage.  There is learning and growing, and great encouragement to persevere.  From those of us privileged to listen, there is profound gratitude and love. 

So who knows what this next week will bring – or even tomorrow for that matter; but what I do know is that whatever comes, and no matter how subtly and quickly time moves us forward, we are part of an intricate, far-reaching community that provides equal parts inspiration and wisdom.  For this faith journey amid our unique life’s journey, we are blessed with brothers and sisters of the most precious kind:  siblings in Christ who remind us, again and again, who we are and whose we are.  That’s a story we just can’t tell often enough. 

With love to you all,


“When head, heart, and hand come together… then faith, reason, and tradition will come together, too, and personal and social holiness will be for us two expressions of one great love.”

(Brian D. McLaren, ‘A New Kind of Christianity’, pp. 227-228)

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