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“This Week at Trinity”

This Week at Trinity, Beamsville

For Friday, June 19, 2020

Dear Friends,

            This week I found myself responding to an email as fast as I possibly could… which I’d like to think is always the case, but there was an urgency about this one – with a registration deadline of sorts – that pushed me to address it first. 

            The message came from Horseshoe Falls Regional Council (the next ‘layer’ of The United Church of Canada, beyond this congregational level).  Like us, our Regional leaders have been working extra long and hard to figure out what it means to be church in this unusual and elongated time.  Gatherings they would have coordinated, to support, connect and empower communities of faith all across the Region, have been set aside or shifted online.  The list of missed moments includes our annual gathering at the end of May, and the list in its entirety reflects so many lost moments for learning and growth.

Thankfully, all is not lost.  It never is.  For this coming Monday and Thursday, our Regional leaders have pieced together a two-part webinar with last year’s keynote speaker from our annual meeting.  As the summary email says, “last year Cameron Trimble energized the regional council with her invitation to catch the view from 10,000 feet!  Since May 2019, much has changed.  Cameron Trimble has offered to spend two evenings with us to help catch the view now.  What has the church experienced during this pandemic that will change us and renew us? How is this a time for transformation and not just a period of disruption?”

As you’ve likely guessed, I registered right away.  I’ve placed it in my calendar with anticipation, and with hope for the next stage of God’s invitation to us, all together.  I won’t be there looking for easy answers, but with a listening heart and mind, open to all the learning I can gather.  I will be there with you in mind; with us, all together, in mind.  I will be there, missing you, and waiting mostly patiently, for the time after this time apart… and for all that we will know in the times long after.  Changed, renewed, and transformed, we will continue to figure out what it means to be followers of Jesus. 

            With love to you all,


“I find political strength through spiritual strength.  Each day is a smudge and a prayer of gratitude for everything, even the conflicts, for they are my teachers. For those who do not understand me, hear me, empathize with the struggles of my people, I pray in gratitude for their well-being, their wholeheartedness, their clarity of mind and the full sweep of their emotions be brought forward into their days, just as I pray in gratitude for my own.  In this way, I find peace, because the truth is that we are one body moving through time together.”   (Richard Wagamese, ‘Embers:  One Ojibway’s Meditations’)

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