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“This Week at Trinity”

This Week at Trinity, Beamsville

Friday, October 16, 2020

Dear Friends,

            This week, (or, most accurately, the past three days of this week), I’ve been watching and rewatching one of the best interviews my heart has heard for a very long time.  I’m going to take the unusual step of inserting that link right here, in the hopes that, if you have not yet seen it, you’ll take that moment now.  Entitled by CBC News as “11 year old buddies enthuse about Mars and space”, it’s nearly nine minutes long: practically a mini-movie in today’s overly sound-bitten world.  I think it’s worth every second of your time, as it’s also the most heart-warming, heart-melting affirmation of good, and joy, and glory shining through it all.


            Why have Alfie and Tharan captured my heart so completely?  I think on the most obvious level it’s because they’re so darn enthusiastic about this world before us, and far beyond us.  They make me want to get out there with my telescope, too.  They’re bright and engaging, and so very articulate.  They’re honest and clear, and so charming about it all.  There is one particularly wonderful moment when they’re explaining to interviewer Heather Hiscox that they will have to wait a whole two years, and then another fifteen years before Mars is in a similar position for viewing.  As Alfie did the math for Heather, it was clear that he just can’t get his around the marvel of being 26 someday.  I suppose, and I guess I’ve forgotten, that when you haven’t yet lived half of that, all those years away must seem so mind-boggling; so hard to imagine, and still so exciting.

            I hold already this crazy dream that when this time in astronomy rolls around again in 2035 that CBC will find Alfie and Tharan all over again, and catch up with their already fabulous lives.  Who knows where they will end up and where their brilliance and passion will take them, but I hold already this crazy, heartfelt dream:  I pray that, for their whole lives long, they will continue to hold and share the same joy they do now – and I also pray, so fervently, that they will forever know their cherished name among the many.  Alfie and Tharan just had a moment in the spotlight such that most of us will never know; but when the lights go down and the Facebook shares start to wane, may they know with absolute clarity that, in God’s eyes, they are shining stars, forever.             

I pray the same for each and every one of their classmates, their friends, their family and their community.  I pray the same for you, and yours; always.

             With love to you all,


“I have called you by your name, you are mine;

I have gifted you and ask you now to shine.
I will not abandon you; all my promises are true.  

You are gifted, called and chosen you are mine.”(Daniel Charles Damon, More Voices 161)

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