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“This Week at Trinity”

This Week at Trinity, Beamsville

Friday, April 9, 2021

Dear Friends,

This week has felt a bit flat, in ways I hadn’t anticipated.  You’d think I would have seen it coming.  Vocationally, not to mention personally, I’ve made this shift from Lent and Easter to post-Easter enough times that I might have expected the emotional deflation (or whatever word I’m seeking).  I suppose it’s partly the work of fatigue talking, when there’s been such a long, hard push to have everything ready and just-so; but these days also bring a noticeable change in the church’s seasonal energy.  With Easter done and dusted, so to speak, what’s next?  There’s good reason that the global church, for centuries before this, has identified the Sunday after Easter as a “low Sunday”.  In non-pandemic days, that refers partly to service attendance – but also to the liturgical space we seem to lament. 

            If this is how I’m feeling, I can only imagine what it was like for Jesus’ first followers.  They didn’t have the luxury of hearing so much of what we have now, and so their emotional space must have been riddled with confusion, to say the least.  Who were they to be now?  How were they to move in the world, in response to the empty tomb?  Would anyone believe them, trust them, follow their lead as they continued to follow Jesus?

            Two thousand plus years later, we have a privileged view, of their courage and their continuance.  With all of Jesus’ teaching to hold them in their identity, they stepped into the next big space, of living their identity, with all around them.   It was a dangerous space, of scrutiny and judgment, and life-threatening consequences, but they stepped forward anyway. 

            Maybe that doesn’t sound like the most exciting way out of an emotional valley, but it’s the plan I’m going to follow.  I’m hoping you’ll stay with me on this next leg of the journey.  Some of it will seem obvious, and some of it plain hard, but this shift is vital:   from defining ourselves to truly being ourselves.  With the qualities we know to be true of Jesus-followers, our next and ongoing calling is to put them all into action.  Adjective to verb; follower to teacher… this is the season of Eastertide.  May we all be swept into this crucial work of living our faith, all over again.

            With love to you all, this season and always,


“I’m always amazed when people walk up to me and say, ‘I’m a Christian.’  

I think, ‘Already? You already got it?’ I’m working at it, which means that I try to be as kind and fair and generous and respectful and courteous to every human being.”

(Maya Angelou, 2010; interview on being awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom)

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