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Friday, May 11, 2018

Dear Friends,

This week’s musings are coming to you a week in advance, or at least that’s true of their compilation. I thought of asking someone else to do this in my absence, as we know from experience there are plenty of folks who do that very well. However, only a couple of hours after I hit send on the piece for May 4th, I came across the quote below, while visiting at my parents’ home – and both the quotation sighting and the visit to my ‘home home’ were preceded by a visit to my very first home, and that’s what I didn’t want to leave unshared.

To explain: last Friday I had the gift of making a pastoral visit, to deliver a prayer shawl on your behalf, and that visit happened to be in what was once upon a time the Port Colborne General Hospital. That’s where I made my entry to this world, and while I have no recollection of that, I have plenty of memories associated with that place, for many years after. I remember waving to my mother from the front lawn, while she recovered from very serious illness, and little children were kept at bay. I remember saying goodbye to my grandmother; and I remember the extraordinary care received by my parents when they have had respective, unexpected engagements with health care. Through all of these moments and more, my head and heart have collected an almost indescribable bank of emotions, all of which seem to flood in, with even one step in to the building that is now dedicated to long term care.

So why do I want to get this out to you, and why now? Because I’m grateful for the opportunity, especially in this Study Leave week, to have space and time to think about many things, including home; to move back through all the layers of life gone by and remember that, even in the painful moments, we are surrounded by places and people of healing, who stay with us and grow with us, even as institutions and relational structures change.

I’m extra mindful of that this week of weeks: when we celebrate and honour the mothers in our lives; when we celebrate and honour the gift of families – those of choice and those of birth. These moments are when we’re called back home, in the spiritual and emotional sense, if not also mental and physical. We’re invited to step back in time, just as we keep moving in the present and into the future.

Today, this week, and long after, may you find your moments to be in a place where you can give thanks for your life, and for all who have accompanied you along the way. May you give thanks for you, as do we.  

Blessed rest and love to you all,


If you search the world for happiness, you may find it in the end, for the world is round and will lead you back to your door.”

(Robert Brault, ‘Seize the Day’ Daily Calendar, May 4, 2018)


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