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Weddings at Trinity United Church

Weddings are a blessing and celebration of the love between two people who have entered into a committed caring relationship. When one person turns to another and promises to love them, there is an opportunity to feel the Divine mystery and presence. By promising to live in faithful human covenant with another there is potential to know, in part, God’s faithful covenant with all God’s people.

The congregation of Trinity United Church rejoices with couples wishing to make a covenant of marriage.

Who is eligible to be married at Trinity United Church?

We believe that a couple should be married in the place where they normally worship, surrounded by the people who know them, love them, and support them. As such, any person who normally worships with us, whether member, adherent, or otherwise, is eligible to be married here.

We also recognize that many people have a deep and abiding connection to congregations where they formerly attended, or where their relatives or ancestors formerly attended. As such, we are pleased to consider requests from any couple who has a more distant or former family connection to our congregation. We endeavour to accommodate such requests where possible.

We are also pleased to consider requests from couples who live in the local area and who have no church connection, but who see their wedding as an opportunity to explore their spirituality and establish spiritual ties with our congregation.

As Niagara is a popular tourist area, we receive many requests from couples who live outside the Beamsville/West Lincoln area and who have booked a reception at a local winery or tourist venue and want to be married in a church located conveniently nearby. We regret that we are unable to accommodate such requests.

Same Sex Marriage Requests

Trinity United Church affirms the validity of same-sex marriages and considers requests from same-sex couples and hetero couples on an equal basis.

Further Information

For further information or inquiries please contact the church office at 905-563-4943 or info@trinitybeamsville.com