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 This Week at Trinity, Beamsville 

Friday, June 22, 2018 

Dear Friends, 

This week’s ‘This Week’ has had a tentative subject line for more than a few weeks now… which may give the impression that I actually, or usually, plan what might be written here. That rarely happens before Thursday morning at best, depending on the week’s unfolding, but in this particular case, I’ve been eyeing this week on the calendar, wondering if there would be news to share with all of you. And there is. So here goes: 

With excitement and gratitude, on behalf of Trinity’s Council I’m happy to say that the national committee of Student Ministry placement has determined that our staff team will include a Student Minister, beginning this September. While there will be lots of other details to share between now and then, for the moment I can say that our newest colleague is Scott Beckett, newly graduated from Emmanuel College with his Master of Divinity, and now completing his path to Ordination with his Supervised Ministry Education (with us!). That’s a pile of capitals and titles, but it means that we will have the gift of accompanying Scott on this important stage of the journey, and growing with him along the way. Scott will serve with us full-time, from September 1, 2018 through April 30, 2019 and I am confident already that we are mutually blessed by this opportunity. 

I’m guessing you’ll have lots of questions and wonderings, about Scott and this process – and I trust in time they will be answered. One of the pieces I’ve already shared with Council is that, once upon a time, in the time not long before we came to Trinity, I worked alongside Scott’s mother, as she was the musician and I the supply minister at Scott’s home church in Port Credit. While there are some who say you can’t turn around in the United Church without bumping into somebody who knows somebody who knows you, I think this little connection is a lovely bridge of reminder; a pleasant and joy-filled reminder that there are almost always interconnections in our life paths, and we need only stay attentive to how and what and whom is unfolding in our midst….and where those connections might appear again in the future. 

It is that notion of connectedness – and in particular staying connected – that is replaying in my heart these days, too. As you’ve likely heard and seen, this Sunday marks another time of farewell within our congregational family. Our Michelle is soon on her way to California, to begin the next stage of her life’s journey with John-Luke, and their wonderful, promise-filled future together. I’ve said a few times to more than a few people that I think I miss her already, but I will do my best not to wallow in that. I will hang on to gratitude for the blessed time we had together in this team, and I will release Michelle, and us, into all that is still to come. It won’t be easy. Change never is. But there is mutual blessing and transformation waiting for us, beyond the now. And we go into it all surrounded by the same Love that brought us together in the first place. 

With love to you all, 


God of the Way, you are the road we travel, and the sign we follow…” (Janet Cawley, VU 648) 

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