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The mission of the Communications Committee is to share the message within and beyond Trinity. Our first priority is to get information to the public about Trinity, what it represents, what it offers, and ways to participate in Trinity life.

Participation includes upcoming events and special services. Secondly, Communications is about updating members of the congregation with events happening to allow them to participate and contribute. Communications gives support to the various committees in promoting and advertising their events to accomplish our mission.

Ultimately, our vision as a Communications Committee is to use media to invite, inform and include all to experience God’s love in this Christian community. The scope is Trinity and beyond.

Communications makes use of printed media, Social Media (Facebook), Website, Congregational Bulk Email, Visual Messaging, Worship Service Tools (Bulletin, Powerpoint/Electronic Screen) to assist committees and the Ministry Team in advertising and promoting their events and messages respectively. We will support, empower and ensure that Church committees engage all forms of media in ways consistent with our congregational mission and vision.


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