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Community Care West Niagara

We are proud to be partners with Community Care West Niagara.  Through our monthly Donation Sunday – our congregation brings non-perishable food donations the second Sunday each month – we off support throughout the year.  Our Advent Reverse Calendar Program along with our Youth lead White Gifts Sunday offers additional support to our Community during the Christmas Season.

From their website…

At Community Care of West Niagara, we know that community involves everyone.

Community Care of West Niagara is a registered charitable non-profit organization that serves families, individuals, seniors, adults, youths and children of Lincoln and surrounding communities of Niagara.

We are an organization with values based in compassion, integrity and respect for all walks of life. Our mission is to bridge the gap to self-sufficiency by supporting our community members experiencing poverty.

Community Care is here to support people and families that have experienced financial difficulties due to job loss, illness or other hardships. Through our generous donations , community investors and selfless volunteers, people in need can come to Community Care and obtain food, clothing and emergency assistance.

West Niagara Second Stage Housing

Our partnership with WNSS Housing and Counselling is relatively new, but Trinity United Church Beamsville as a long, happy history of sharing spaces with similar community groups.

From their website…

West Niagara Second Stage Housing & Counselling began in 1996 by a group of local women. Among them were doctors, nurses, and teachers who identified a need in the community for services to help women who have experienced abuse.

In 1998, an apartment was acquired and the first employee Debbie was hired, now retired in 2011. Within a year, as awareness of the services were advertised, the demand increased and three more apartments were acquired. Debbie along with the Board of Directors continued serving many women, and in 2005 funding was acquired to hire a Transitional & Housing Support Worker.

Today, the organization has 5 employees, along with the 4 apartments, and must continue to grow as the awareness of our organization expands and more women are seeking help in our community.

West Niagara Second Stage Housing & Counselling helps women and children in the area of Grimsby, Lincoln, & West Lincoln in their journey to a life free from vioelnce and abuse. We advocate for our clients in many forms in order to prioritize their unique needs and advocate for their basic human rights.

West Niagara Second Stage assists with safety planning, counselling, legal advocacy, affordable housing, and most importantly we are here to listen and offer support.

Our sensitive and understanding staff work closely with the clients to reach their goals, manage life with the struggles of financial hardship, and move beyond the negative effects of abuse on themselves and their children.

Last year, WNSS had over 1500 direct interactions with clients.

Grimsby Benevolent Fund Service

From their website…

Our Mission… GBF Community Services provides assistance to members of our community to meet their basic needs and to achieve self-sufficiency.

Vision Statement… To improve the quality of life in our community by providing compassionate support and material assistance.


  • A strong sense of social responsibility
  • A commitment to serving our clients with respect and compassion
  • A belief in the unique abilities, strengths and gifts of each person
  • A belief in the capacity of people to grow, change and care for themselves and for one another
  • A commitment to professionalism, ethical conduct and integrity of service delivery
  • A recognition of the importance of volunteerism and citizen participation in the community
  • The role of research, education and advocacy
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