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“This Week” at Trinity

This Week at Trinity

Friday, August 21, 2020

Dear Faith Family,

I have just returned from what was a rejuvenating time in Campbellford, on the Trent. In my time away at the cottage, I had the opportunity to do some kayaking. I took in with joy the feeling of gliding along the water, the sound of the water against the vessel, the delicate ripples of water around the paddles. The water was translucent and glassy; I frequently admired with awe the reflection of the clouds ahead in the undisturbed water. I gleefully attempted to befriend many birds and a beaver who was busy and wanted nothing to do with a curious kayaker.

One of the things I enjoy about kayaking is it is a solo venture; one has the freedom of exploring where the heart leads, and benefits from the illusion of control.

Perhaps my mind was elsewhere, (perhaps it was blissfully nowhere), but I did not realize how quickly the storm would come in. I first noticed the water that had been so still all morning become choppy with the wind. Then in a flash, the whole area was covered with a black cloud. I made it back to shore just before the first thunder, though not inside before the sky opened with rain.

In our summer worship series, we’ve heard members of our faith family describe what kind of metaphorical storm and boat they are in. I would guess for most of us, this ‘storm’ of a pandemic has surprised us in many ways over the past several months. Perhaps there have been fear, relief and gratitude for all of us. And perhaps we have become aware of the illusion of control, and how much we might have to let go.

Solo as I may have been in my kayak, this storm is not one we go through alone. Always remember you have a community praying for you, here if you need a friendly listener, and hoping for your well being, always. And we are never alone in that God, maker of all things, is with us. These last two truths are ones that Paul Roth and Gayle Lucas-Roth hold dear, as ones who naturally nurture community and faith. This week we are invited for a casual “visit” on their front porch, as they share their wisdom and experiences. “See” you Sunday morning for worship!


Kassandra Matthews

Student Minister


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