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“This Week at Trinity”

This Week at Trinity, Beamsville

Friday, October 1, 2021

Dear Friends,

This week I may have given the false impression that I’ve taken on a side-job in book promotions.  I haven’t, although it certainly sounds appealing.  Instead, I was sharing, widely, my anticipation for Kate Bowler’s newest release, No Cure For Being Human (And Other Truths I Need to Hear).  Even before it arrived in my mailbox two days ago, I was eagerly inviting others to join me in reading, studying, and learning from it, from her, together.  That may seem a bit bold for a book I’d only seen in excerpts and reviews, but I was carrying the memory of what Kate (maybe we could be first-name-basis friends?) has said before, what she’s written before.  I also moved with anticipation because somehow I feel part of the community she’s built.  It may be almost entirely online these days, but the connections she has nurtured are nothing close to virtual.  Kate Bowler speaks from her heart, shares her journey with brave honesty, fabulous humour, and humbly invites any and all to join her in wrestling with the greatest struggles of life and faith. 

See what I mean about the side-job in sales?

Of course I’ll leave it for you to follow up and read, if you’re so inclined, but I will share just one more piece about the text, for now.  No Cure For Being Human is written in the present tense…which is not something I’m accustomed to, at least for a memoir.  IMHO, it was entirely the right choice.  For this text, for this unfolding story, the present tense builds a sense of living it alongside the author, her family, and her incredible supports.  A church historian by trade, Kate Bowler also knows the power of the moments before us, in the right now – and the power of moving through them with community.

When we gather this Sunday, we’ll be focusing on that word, even more than usual.  Taking community back to its base, and thinking about our common unity, we’ll be celebrating Communion with the global family of Jesus-followers.  We’ll be thinking about what’s at stake when we turn away from one another, and underestimate the power of turning toward one another, free of judgment and presumption.  We’ll re-examine the Christian concept of encouragement, and its pivotal role in this particular time and space.  We won’t be taking a break from the Season of Creation, rather we’ll be resting deep in what God reveals all around us.  Interwoven, interdependent, interspersed are we.  It’s a truth we need to hear, again and again.  Our stories cannot be told honestly without it. 

With love to you all,


So here they are – tales of travel, detective stories, domestic dramas and much else.  Some we have known since the beginnings of human history… others we have only just started to understand.  And be prepared to add your own, because you will be among the next characters who can, if they wish, tell the most extraordinary stories of all –

how human beings in the twenty-first century came to their senses…”

(David Attenborough, ‘Foreword’ to Our Planet: The One Place We All Call Home)

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