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Weekly News

This Week @ Trinity August 12 to 19, 2022

Cave Springs Camp Service                      Sunday, August 14 at 10 am

Wednesday @ 1 (Zoom)                             on hiatus until September

Retired Men’s Group                         on hiatus until September

Outside Picnic                                 Wednesday, August 17 @ noon


As of April 24th, masks are no longer mandated to be worn (except in specific situations).   TUCB Council STRONGLY RECOMMENDS that masks continue to be worn whenever possible, when physical distancing isn’t possible and MUST BE WORN by any person who is SINGING.  

As a congregation we are guided by our hearts as well as our heads when it comes to caring for each other, and it is something we do very well.  Caring for each other extends further than reaching out in times of need, it extends to doing what is needed to keep ourselves, our families and our fellow congregants safe.

Shane Thombs, Chairperson of Council

From Council:  In our efforts to find our next minister, the Profile that helps demonstrate who we are as a faith community to interested candidates for the minister position, is a document that is now approved by the Covenant Commission and Human Resources Commission. This also means that the Search Committee has context to focus efforts towards finding the best fit for our future minister. The search process is underway and the Profile has been approved. 

Pastoral Care

The Rev. Judy Bowman has accepted the role of providing Pastoral Care during the time of searching for a new minister for Trinity. Rev. Judy is well known to the congregation and brings great gifts of compassion and caring to this role.

You may reach her at her home (905-563-7656) or through the church office.

REMEMBER our Wednesday Picnics will be continuing,  BUT, the picnic will not be held on Aug 24th, we will all be busy  “Pealing Peaches”.

Our last picnic will be on Wednesday Aug.31st.  Come and enjoy! Everyone welcome.

SAVE THE DATE!!  Wednesday, August 24 & Thursday, August 25.  Peach Peeling Fundraiser.  Can we count on you to be one of the 30 volunteers we need to peel peaches and help us raise $5000 for the Church??  Please reach out to the Office or Marilyn Snedden (905-563-4893 or email masnedden@live.com) if you can help!

We need your old newspapers!!  The Peach Peeling Team need lots and lots of newspaper for August 24 & 25.  There will be a box just outside the Office to collect them.  Please drop off any you may have.

Sunday School will be on hiatus until September 4, 2022.  There will be colour sheets available if your child needs something to keep them occupied while you are here.

Trinity is looking for a new Cave Springs Camp Rep.  Reach out to the Office if you are interested in volunteering

We are currently looking for two volunteers willing to serve on Trinity’s Kitchen Committee and take the Food Handlers course.  This course can be taken online and at no cost to the volunteer.  Contact Marilyn (masnedden@live.com or 905-563-4893) or the Church Office.

More than a Bible Study!  Wed@1 is an inquiring group of folks who take a look at the scripture reading which the minister has chosen to inform the message for the next Sunday. We read it in a variety of versions of the Bible, think about why it may of be written and for whom. We then begin the struggle as to how we see it applying to the events of our time and our daily living.   We freely admit that our discussions often wander as we contemplate what it means to be Christians facing the dilemmas of life that confront us, whether they be political, environmental, global conflicts, health issues and other areas.  We promise that we are not stuffy intellects, quite the opposite in fact. Mostly we are curious.We would love to hear the voices of others. Please consider joining us at Wednesday at 1 pm. Just follow the link.

Trinity’s No Pressure Book Club meets on the 4th Monday of every month at 7pm.  We have a wonderful time exploring all kinds of books and are always looking to welcome new members.  If you would like to join us, please get in touch with the Office or follow the ZOOM link. 

Retired Men’s Group   Every Thursday at 9:30am, Paul Roth hosts the Retired Men’s Group on Zoom.  If you would like to join in, please just email Paul at pcroth131@gmail.com, to get the login details. 

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