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Our History

The roots of Trinity United Church in Beamsville lie deep in the traditions of 19th century Methodism and Prebyterianism. In 1925, in response to a uniting spirit that swept through many protestant churches across Canada, Methodist and Presbyterian congregations in the Beamsville area became part of the United Church of Canada. In 1938, after some thirteen years as separate United Church congregations in Beamsville, a move was initiated by a “union committee” of the Wesley and Knox congregations towards amalgamation into one strong church body.
Paths of Union, W.F. Rannie, 1967

That strong church body has continued since 1938 in the name of Trinity United Church.

Throughout the years the Trinity campus has expanded to include Trinity House, (currently home to the Women’s Resource Centre). The church building has been expanded and/or reconfigured several times. An elevator has been installed to connect the main and lower levels. In the years 2006 – 2008 extensive renovations took place in the sanctuary. Central air-conditioning was installed. The five original stained glass windows were restored, the sanctuary and chancel painted and re-carpeted, new lighting added and electronic capability increased.

Over the years the congregation has grown and changed reflective of the community around it. Since the early 1950’s and the establishment of a retirement community in Beamsville by The United Church of Canada, “Albright Gardens”, the congregation has been blessed by a continuing contingent of clergy, missionaries and their families who bring a national and international experience of ministry. Today as many retiring couples find the town of Lincoln attractive and young couples find it a safe place to raise a family, the population is increasing. We are blessed that some of these new citizens have chosen Trinity as their home church.

Throughout its ministry Trinity has remained in strong support of the policies and faith position of The United Church of Canada. We are deeply committed to supporting the Mission and Service Fund, to using United Church hymn books, worship and curriculum resources.

Locally Trinity has maintained a strong community presence – spear heading initiatives such as The Lincoln Community Against Violence, The Niagara Victims Crisis Services, The Women’s Resource Centre. In addition we offer our facility to outside groups which support family and community life: Power for Girls (for young girls and teens), Public Health programmes such as Baby Talk – for mothers and newborns, H.O.P.E. – for parents of ADD and ADHD children.

Through our staff, church council, committee structure, church school, music programme and United Church Women’s Group we seek to be a church worthy of our past.

This is the direction Trinity is currently taking as we keep our eyes, ears and hearts open for God’s ever emerging spirit.

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