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 From TUBC’s 2017 Annual General Meeting Report…

Even though I have only been at Trinity for the last six weeks of 2017, I thought I would give the Administrator’s Report a shot!

I have looked back over the calendar in the office for 2017 and have some interesting facts to share.  Trinity averages 39 happenings per month at the church.  Those things could be committee meetings, outside groups, church groups or fundraising events.  Many of the events involved food – which speaks volumes to the exceptional cooks who are members of Trinity.

I am happy to see that there are some tried and true events which appear to be continuing for 2018, like the Roast Beef Dinner and the Fashion Show.   Trinity was the host of a Music Camp and VBS in the summer months, the Niagara Presbytery Meeting and Dinner in November and a wonderful Christmas Concert in December, just to name a few!  In looking at the year, I am amazed at the variety of events and the number of different groups of people who are reached and welcomed with open hearts!

Hopefully, as 2018 progresses the word will reach many more people in the community so that everyone can make use of the wonderful space and people that is available at Trinity United Church Beamsville.

I look forward to being a part of the team that puts Trinity United Church Beamsville at the forefront when it comes to supporting and welcoming the Community at large.

Respectfully Submitted;

Tania Szabo, Administrator

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